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Şahika Ercümen breaks diving record
Posted 12.02.2011 13:18:58 UTC
Updated 12.02.2011 13:18:58 UTC

National athlete Şahika Ercümen set Guinness world record as she dived for a 110 m distance on a single breath. Şahika even outclassed the men's record in the same category. Southern Weissensee city of Austria hosted Guinness world record attempt in ice diving.

Şahika Ercümen let herself in to the cold waters to set a first in the Weissensee Lake, Europe's largest natural ice skating surface with an area of 6.5 km squares. National athlete dived through a gap on the ice, which was 40 cm thick; and attempted to resurface through another gap 110 m away. She was supposed to take a single breath for the task. Men’s record in ice diving on a single breath was 108 m, while women's record was 70 m.

Şahika set her target as 110 m. announcer: "national athlete Şahika Ercümen is making her preparations to break Guinness world record by diving on a single breath to swim for 110 m. if she manages to set the record, this will be the longest distance both in men's and women's categories." She dived as underwater head cameraman Tahsin Ceylan recorded her attempt.

Şahika broke the 110 m record in 2 min 20 sec. Şahika Ercümen: "I have been preparing for this a long time now. I accepted the difficulties beforehand. My aim was to break also the men's record and be the first person to hold her breath for the longest time. So I worked hard. A male German diver set the record three weeks ago, so i had to raise the bar." she broke new ground and outclassed both men's and women's records. The record realized at the presence of Guinness officials will be certified after official procedures.