The architect of Egyptian military coup General Al Sisi rebuked US President Barack Obama for not giving him a call after the coup.

Al Sisi reproves Obama
Posted 05.08.2013 06:59:14 UTC
Updated 05.08.2013 06:59:14 UTC

Al Sisi said the US Government did not provide them with a sufficient support and demanded an open support.

In an interview with Washington Post Al Sisi said the United States did not render necessary support to the Egyptians.

Al Sisi said he talks to US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel almost everyday however Obama did not call him even for a single time.

Addressing the Americans Al Sisi said you have abandoned the Egyptians. You have turned your back on the Egyptians and they will not forget that. And now you continue to turn your backs on the Egyptians. If we had not interfered a civil war could have erupted.

Meanwhile US Assistant Secretary of State William Burns has arrived in Egypt for the first time following the coup who is trying to convince anti and pro-coup sides.

Burns had a meeting with anti-coup National Alliance Movement and called them to join political process.

The anti-coup alliance said they are ready to talk to all civilian parties and determined not to accept military as their interlocutor.