12 million people in Somalia, Konya, Ethiopia and Djibouti are gripped by famine and hunger.

Turkish NGO active in camps in Mogadishu
Posted 13.08.2011 11:02:18 UTC
Updated 13.08.2011 11:12:11 UTC

A cholera epidemic is spreading in famine-hit Somalia, with alarming numbers of cases among people driven to the capital Mogadishu by a lack of food and water, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday.

The Organization said 181 people have lost their lives so far in Mogadishu, and the epidemic continues to sweep across the country. The United Nations launched an urgent work to contain the epidemic in the region.

Turkey was first to extend a helping hand to tens of thousands of African people who flocked to camps in a bid to find food.

A Turkish NGO distributed food in two camps in capital Mogadishu. Somalian officials thanked Turkey and Turkish people for their help. An official from the Turkish NGO said they have distributed food to eight thousand people in four different camps since the beginning of the Ramadan month.

He said they will launch healthcare screening work next week in camps in Mogadishu with the help of 50 Turkish volunteer doctors, and they will bring 12 packs of medicine to this end.

He also said they will give out 2400 food packages in Dadaab camp along the Kenya border that hosts more than 400 thousand Somali refugees.

Meanwhile, A ship laden with foodstuffs and medicine took off from İstanbul for Africa. The ship, carrying three tonnes of aid, is expected to reach Somalia before Ramadan Festival arrives.