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Posted 28.06.2011 07:32:22 UTC
Updated 29.06.2011 06:51:30 UTC

Well, we always complain about scientific and technological developments being introduced late to our country.. However, this is contrary from the standpoint of the radio. The radio adventure of Turkish society started almost at the same time as the world on May 6, 1927. A new momentum was gained after the establishment of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), on May 1, 1964.

Today, TRT radio stations appeal to all corners of the country and every segment of society with responsible public broadcasting, the understanding of objective and principled broadcasting, accurate and good Turkish, covering news, information education, culture, music and entertainment.

Radio broadcasting is an effective power in our country and the world with TRT Turkish radio stations; Radio-1, Radio-2 (TRT FM), Radio-3, Radio-4, 5 Regional radio stations (Antalya, Çukurova, GAP-Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Trabzon), TRT melody for those who like Turkish Classical Music, TRT Folk Song for Folk songs lovers, TRT Radio News Channel and international radio stations The Voice of Turkey Radio (Broadcasting in 32 languages) and Europe FM. 

Radio 1, is an education, culture and news channel… It is for everyone who needs information and knowledge. It broadcasts round the clock… It broadcasts to all parts of Turkey by hundreds of stereo transmitters and to the entire world via satellite and the internet. Science, Art, Literature, Theatre, Sport, Environment, Economy and Tabloid news.. Everything related to life.. Accurate, Objective and Fast reports.

TRT Radio1

From 1927  to the present day.. Everywhere where there is a radio.


Radio-2 (TRT FM), It broadcasts round the clock every day with TRT style and TRT quality. Live and cheerful..

Songs in charts and top songs. It reaches all parts of Turkey and the entire world via satellite and the internet by hundreds of stereo transmitters and 99.9% coverage area. It is your confidant, friend and fellow traveller.


A radio channel that eliminates distance.


Radio-3, offers the most selected examples of music with its wide range stretching from Elvis Presley to Joan Baez, Frank Sinatra to Thaikowsky and Mozart to Sara Vaughan, combining classical and modern music. Stereo broadcasts round the clock with TRT quality.. It reaches all parts of Turkey and the entire world via satellite and the internet.

TRT Radio 3

Quality in music


Radio-4, The flowers of traditional classical and folk music are in this garden…Saz semai- instrumental Turkish classical music played on the Turkish stringed instrument saz, Longa, a genre in Turkish music, preludes,love songs, unmetered folk songs,Horlat, a variety of romantic folk song and Anatolian folk songs.. Singers and Saz masters from past to present… They are all on this station. It broadcasts round the clock every day with TRT quality. It reaches all parts of Turkey and the entire world via satellite and the internet.

TRT Radio 4

The point where longing ends..


TRT Folk Song that started broadcasting on July 1, 2009, is a station that appeals to folk song lovers via FM transmitters, the internet and satellite. TRT Folk Song that set out to increase listeners’ interest in Turkish Folk Music, broadcasts selected examples of Folk songs round the clock. It includes folk melodies that are our common heritage and also contributes to keep popular culture alive and popularize it.


TRT Nağme, Going on air on 6 May 2009, TRT Nağme meets lovers of Turkish Classical Music via FM transmitters and satellite, and on the internet. TRT Nağme features 24-hour Turkish Classical Music. Selected pieces from TRT Archive and new recordings can be listened to at TRT Nağme.


TRT Radio News, Regional Radios of Antalya, Çukurova, GAP-Diyarbakır, Erzurum and Trabzon Regional broadcasts, aired between 10.00-13.00 every day, feature news as well as all sorts of developments and issues concerning the region. In “Anadolu Kuşağı” broadcast after 13.00 at TRT Türkü, each regional radio transmits local folklore and music to all corners of the country.


Voice of Turkey, From Ankara Radio on shortwave to the Voice of Turkey radio… The Voice of Turkey has been heard all around the world for more than 70 years. News, sports, culture and arts, music and entertainment…The Voice of Turkey is the link between Turkish nationals living abroad as well as Turkic people, and Turkey and the Turkish culture; supports them in troublesome times and shares their joys. It is aired 24 hours a day via shortwave and satellite and on the internet. Do hear the Voice of Turkey wherever you are…


TRT’s Kurdish radio channel, appealing to people of all ages with contemporary content, aims at contributing to the integrity and unity of our country. Going on air on 1 May 2009, Radio 6 reaches south eastern Anatolia region. It strengthens ties between people in the region and the government, and it also makes positive influence on Turkey’s international connections.


TRT Avrupa FM, Another sound from Anatolia; TRT Avrupa FM…It features life’s moments of joy, migration adventures, Turkey’s cultural values, our idiosyncrasies and lots of music…Music and conversation are at TRT Avrupa FM for those who are young and remain young. TRT Avrupa FM is on air every day between 09.00-18.00 Turkish Time, on the internet, via satellite and cable. If you wish to listen to a favourite song of yours, request a song for a loved one or share your views, TRT Avrupa FM is only a click away, at