Journalists Cüneyt Ünal and Beşar Fehmi Kadumi kidnapped in Syria have been remembered with a demonstration in Istanbul.

Rally in İstanbul for kidnapped newsmen
Posted 19.09.2012 07:54:08 UTC
Updated 19.09.2012 07:54:08 UTC

A group who gathered before the Syrian consulate in Istanbul demanded that the Turkish journalists be freed. The wives of the kidnapped journalists also took part in the demonstration. Cüneyt Ünal's wife Nuran Ünal said Cüneyt and Beşar were only journalists and the aim of their presence in Syria was to cover what was happening there. Beşar Fehmi Kadumi's wife Arzu Kadumi said she wanted their plight to be ended and Cüneyt and Beşar freed to return to Turkey.

A letter sent each to the UN, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Syrian leader Bashar Al Assad was also read.