A bill has been submitted to the US House of Representatives for the donations by the US Navy of guided missile frigates to Turkey, Mexico and Thailand.

US to donate two frigates to Turkey
Posted 28.12.2012 09:24:12 UTC
Updated 28.12.2012 09:38:59 UTC

The bill involves President Obama being authorized for the donation to Turkey of two frigates.

The bill expected to be put to vote in Congress in the next couple of days before the end of the legislative term is qualified by observers as one standing a high chance of being accepted.

The bill needs to be ratified by the Senate to be implemented.

In the meantime, a statement made by the US Defence Department affiliate Defence Security Cooperation Agency ( DSCA )says that the agency notified Congress on December 21 of the sale to Turkey, at the request of the Turkish government, of 117 Sidewinder missiles and their pertinent equipment, including spare parts, logistical and training support.

The statement also says that the total cost of the sale is $ 140 million. The sale of weapons to a NATO ally becomes automatically endorsed within 15 days of the Congress being notified unless the sale is prevented at the behest of Congress.