Turkish surgeons have conducted the world's first uterus transplant at the Akdeniz University.

Posted 10.08.2011 09:02:30 UTC
Updated 10.08.2011 13:54:53 UTC

Doctors in Medical Faculty of Akdeniz University carried out a “first” in organ transplantation, after having performed the world’s first double arm transplant.

21 year old Derya Sert, who was born without a womb, underwent a procedure to have a cadaver’s uterus transplanted into her.

The surgery, also attended by gynaecologists, lasted 10 hours.

Only four medical centres in the world are attempting to perform this type of operation, which was successfully carried out by Plastic Surgeon Associate Professor Ömer Özkan and his team at Medical Faculty of Akdeniz University. This is a world first in successful uterus transplantation.

Derya Sert and her spouse, who have been dreaming to have children for many years, had happiness written all over their faces after the procedure. If no problem occurs, Sert family will be able to have a child through in-vitro fertilization after a six month treatment.

This successful operation will be a source of hope for women who were born without a uterus, a condition seen in one in every five thousand women. Yet, organ donation must be encouraged.